Albany Talent aka Allstar NY Models & Talent (AMT)
All diversity, all ages, all abilities, all inclusive, non-exclusive!

Diverse Models, Actors, Voice overs, Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, Host, Producers, Influencers & more talent!
Print, Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, TV, Film, Video, Theater, Live Events, Runway and all areas of production.

Featured "Model-Actor Group" Showcase Talent Directory! Clients contact us today!

“Mission to Empower & Promote individuals to their unique God-given best self!
Focused on providing a safe haven for development, Embracing Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity, and Social Change!"

Industry advocates on issues that include exploitation, abuse, trafficking, and mental health. Contact us for support and resources.
No talent is an employee. All talent 1099. There is no guarentee of casting or bookings, no guarentee of any kind apply. All Model-Actor Group Talent part of showcase directory for development, client review, casting and booking consideration. All bookings 20% commission. Talent are to take all independent measures to ensure safety online and in person. Below read acknowledgement of All Terms and Conditions apply.

Kindly note, new talent wait list. A high volume of communication received, not all talent will receive a response. All new talent calls scheduled through email. Only 30% new talent accepted a year. Wait list 6+ months. Must be 18 for communication.

In subjection with the law, “Were committed to diverse, inclusive, equal opportunity for all, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other bias is prohibited by law.”

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Model-Actor Group 

Showcase Talent Directory!

Featured “Model & Actor Group” showcase talent directory! For development, client review, casting and booking consideration! Talent profile link and page for development showcased on site and social media and more. Inclusion requires coaching session to ensure each models basic to masters level development. Featured “Model-Actor Group” showcase Directory Non-exclusive, all inclusive. No talent is an employee. All Talent 1099.  (M)odel, (A)ctor, (G)roup (S)howcase”  Talent Directory for  development, can be a tool in place of talent  website, to demonstrate development, of resume, digital portfolio, digital comp card, digital reelz and video images for production review, casting & booking, career, marketing development consideration.  Featured Showcase Talent Directory for development, includes social media posts, image site link with 5 digital images, 1 reel, 2 video, resume and portfolio, printable comp card format.  (NO nude, NO partial nude, NO boudoir images) (We do not publish talent who are minors and cannot consent.)  Talent must agree to all terms and conditions listed below. No guarenteees of anykind. (Only 30% new talent able to be accepted per year) Register today.

$125.  New Talent. Renewal $99. a year.

MAGS Talent Directory

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Development Workshops & Test shoots

Development Workshop & Test shoot

Model & Talent Development; Coaching Workshop Test shoots in a safe industry setting! Person-centered coaching workshops & test shoots for personal and professional development! “Modeling and Talent Development” increase; confidence, skills,  resume & portfolio, health, mental health, leadership, business, Entrepreneurship, Image, Safety, styling, posing, fashion, expectations, do’s and don’ts, and more knowledge!  Learn the industry “The Good, Bad & Beautiful” expert level life skills coaching in a safe industry setting focused on individuals unique personal & professional development! All ages, all diversity, all abilities!  Test shoot workshop achieve (1) digital image per workshop.  Unlimited looks, achieve portfolio and comp card development images. A must all black top and bottom, figure forming wardrobe for portfolio basics. (Additional raw, watermark image(s) for review may be available for extra fee per image)

“Model & Talent Development 

Workshop Test shoot $ 125. an hr, individual 

 (Monthly) Model & Talent Development Group   Studio test shoot workshop in a pro industry studio setting, increase confidence, skills, portfolio & resume development!  Achieve; 3 images 1-headshot, 1-3/4, 1-full-length.                                      3hr Group (8+) $199. per individual

 (Add Makeup & hair artist option, $99.) 


Individual personal and professional coaching! Focus person-centered to individuals needs. Increase confidence, skills, talents, and ask and answered questions from business, industry, health, mental health & more!

$125. hr Individual Coaching Phone-Zoom option.

International Modeling Development

Paris, “European Model Showcase”

Paris, France May 28- June 2, 2023 International Modeling Development hilight “European Model Showcase” Exclusive, invitation only, Featured Models from around the world meet in Paris, France the fashion capital of the world! Showcased one on one with some of the best agents in Paris, European & Asian markets. Development, individual feedback, consultation, and portfolio review with agents looking to sign new faces for Paris, European and Asian Markets! An international Modeling & Talent Development  coaching prepares models to be international featured models in the “European Model Showcase!” Includes showcase coaching, consultation, increase confidence and  skills,  achieve portfolio and resume development! throughout the famous sites of Paris, France photo shoots  from the Eiffle tower, the Louve, Palace of Versille and more! Exclusive, invitation only! Age 17-27, female 5’8+ male 5’11+ Audition & Register. Space limited.

EMS Celebrating 18 years in the fashion Capital of the World! 

Development extras additional

Digital edited images $50. each. 

Reel Video $100. 1-2 minute

Wardrobe & Fashion option

Make-up & hair option


PLEASE NOTE: ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.  ALL TALENT MUST ACKNOWLEDGE NOTE: Must be age 18 for communication or requires parent or guardian.

  1. New Talent emails only, no calls, all talent calls scheduled by email. Due to a high volume of communication received not all talent will receive a response. There is currently a talent response and talent wait list 6mths.
  2. No images are archived, talent are responsible to achieve and save their own portfolio images.  (Talent should always save their own personal images)
  3. NEVER send nude images.
  4. Talent are independently responsible for their  online and in person safety and acknowledge all the angers and agree to take all safety precautions.
  5. The Management agency has no control over clients callback decisions.
  6. There are no guarantees of any kind. There are no guarantees for casting, callbacks or bookings.
  7. Talent are to be independently pursuing their personal and professional development. We are at will.
  8. Casting submissions, go see, and auditions do not guarantee a callback.
  9. Only talent client chooses receives a callback from castings.
  10. The management agency is non-exclusive.
  11. All talent are independent 1099.
  12. Talent can accept or reject any booking.
  13. No talent is an employee and have their own tax obligations, and to their trade as such 1099.
  14. A high volume of communication is received. Not all talent will receive a response.
  15. Send current head shot & full length. Clean, natural, unedited, no filter, looking at the camera. NO bathroom shot images. Tip: Close door and use a door or blank wall as backdrop. Photos sent cannot be returned.
  16. No all email receive response.
  17. The management agency is at will.
  18. Be careful who does your photos. No Nude or Boudoir photos accepted as it is not for the professions and clients we represent. 
  19. Thirsty social media images are not professionally beneficial to our clients or mission.
  20. We are all-inclusive. All ages, all diversity, all abilities, all builds! We do not discriminate and treat all of equal importance.
  21. We do not publicly post young child images that are under the age of consent as a safety precaution. 
  22. We only add 30% new talent a year.
  23. All talent are encouraged to seek castings and bookings independently to promote themself to their greatest talents potential and opportunity! 
  24. Always go to a booking with someone, always let someone know where your booking is, ect. Never go alone, or unknown, or to a booking by someone that contacts you but has no credentials.
  25. Always be prepared for a casting & booking.
  26. Always be professional, kind, patient.
  27. All castings and bookings: listen, follow directions, every moment counts, always show confidence in the roll.
  28. Always be your very best self every moment! 
  29. Remember anyone that takes your photo can own that photo rights, so beware. 
  30. Talent should Never do any booking you don’t feel confident or comfortable with! Always speak out. 
  31. Talent should never ever sign anything they have not read and understood.
  32. Talent are independently responsible for what they sign.
  33. We have no control over client need to change bookings.
  34. All talent are responsible for their own image and branding and the management agency makes no endorsements as such.
  35. All Bookings are 20% Commission. 
  36. Talent on the management agency website(s) model-actor group showcased directory for career development, client review, casting, callback and booking consideration.
  37. All Talent hold the management agency and its affiliates harmless from all liability.
  38. The management agency is not responsible for clients actions or inactions.
  39. Talent are paid for bookings after payment is received by management agency, not before.
  40. Talent cannot receive booking payment until booking is paid by client.
  41. Management agency has no control over when client payment is received.
  42. Client payment can take up to net 90, and we bear no control. 
  43. Commission 20% is taken out of booking payment at the time of payment and remainder sent to talent.
  44. Not responsible for talent to receive images of their booking. Talent are encouraged to take photos at shoot and to ask producer directly for images. 
  45. Bookings are buyout unless otherwise noted.
  46. Talent are not to discuss business with the client and are to direct all business related conversations to the management agency directly. 
  47. Any negative communication or defamation can hold talent legally responsible.
  48. Any defamation or negativity towards anyone with the management agency will automatically result in talent not having any affiliation with the management agency including casting and bookings, ect.
  49. Talent are to privately discuss any concerns or issues confidentially with the management agency in an attempt to address all matters.
  50. Website may contain errors and can take up to 90 days to resolve. 50. Website under construction and in transition. 
  51. Talent are expected to make all payments in full.
  52. Scholarships available for those who income qualify.
  53. Talent paid directly by client are to render 20% commission to the management agency within one week of payment received by talent. 
  54. Talent acknowledge the dangers in the industry and hold the management agency and its affiliates harmless of all liability. 
  55. Website can take up to 90 days to update. Talent removal can take up to 90+ days. There is no guarentee of complete removal from social media, ect.
  56. Talent agree their social media and public images may be used by the management agency at will without further notice or permission for any reasons the management agency sees fit, to include intended for development of talent.
  57. Model-Actor Group directory talent images updated 4x a year.
  58. The management agency may market and promote talent images at the discretion of the management agency without further permission. 
  59. Talent are 100% responsible for their own safety online and in person, or otherwise.
  60. Talent are expected to remain professional at all times. The management agency does not condone unprofessional behavior at any event, casting, booking, ect, including extramarital affairs resulting from any casting or booking and can be cause for release.
  61. No hate speech, or actions of any kind of hate or discrimination for any reason will be tolerated and is cause for release, and possible legal and criminal actions. 
  62. Advocates against discrimination, abuse, and trafficking. Talent agree to report all instances to the management agency directly so proper actions and resources can be sought. This can be confidential.
  63. We are a Christian owned management agency and strive for a foundation of Christian and Godly value in the  industry.
  64. Talent give all rights and permission to have their images and likeness, portfolio and resume to be utilized without further permission for purposes the management deems appropriate for not limited to development purposes.